My experiences as an escort when I met a client

There are many misconceptions surrounding escorts, and I felt like sharing my experience could help other escorts get the courage to meet clients. One day I decided to try to become an escort; at first, I was afraid of meeting new people till I got the courage to accept clients. I worked with London escort agencies, and initially, my rates were low, but soon I realized that clients could pay more, and I upgraded my pay. I could agree to meet clients first in the restaurant, and I could get to know them, and we could agree on the terms of payment and what to expect from each other before heading to a hotel.

What I Learned From Being an Escort

• It Is Prudent To Keep Your Identity a Secret

Some of the clients can be bastards, and they could track your calls, and thus it is better to keep your phone activity private. It can help if you disable the GPS and any other pointers that could give away your location. It could be better also if you avoid using your real name and address; if a client asks about the personal information, you could dodge their request as you could not know their intentions. It also helps if you use an agency as they could get the responsibility of safeguarding your information. I did not find wrong clients but heard stories of women who had been involved with stalkers.

• Mode of Payment

The escort industry-standard mode if payment is cash, and it could get complicated if you accept money orders, debit card payments, and cheques that could bounce. Clients could be glib talkers, and they can refuse to release your money if they pay via alternative methods.

• Create an Open Communication with Your Client

You should verify client information, and I learned that clients who are willing to tell you about themselves are more sincere than those that do not give you their information. You can proceed with caution if a client is hiding a lot of information as they could be criminals, and you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Be keen on discussing any unclear issues with your client before discussing your range and engaging with them.

• Companionship

I learned that an escort mostly provides companionship, and every move should be consensual, and this could help build a rapport with your clients. You could be surprised at how many formal occasions and personal safaris your client could love to tag you along when you build rapport and become open with them.

• Safety

Even when you know the HIV and other STIs status, it is prudent always to use a condom and never compromise on your safety. Learn to say no to clients that could insist on not using a condom as ambiance should be hygienic. You can define your health and hygiene protocol that clients should obey.


Being an escort is rewarding; if you meet the right clients that understand your value, you should be vigilant not to let them have your private information. Moreover, it could be prudent for them to pay the money directly as they could cancel your payments on alternative means of payment. Good luck in finding your clients if you are into the escorting business.