The Secret To Having a Great Experience with an Escort

A wise man once said that the best sex experience is with the person you love. Well, I have had an amazing time with women I didn’t love, but I can concur with the idea that the more you invest in your woman and her in you, the more connectivity you tend to have.

I can attribute the beautiful moments I have shared with my London escort to how I take things a bit differently. I’ve been with enough escorts from east London, and I have come to learn that the secret to having a lovely time lies in not looking at your woman as something or someone you can buy. True, you paid a couple of dollars to be with her, but it’ll be a mistake to think of her as a commodity you’ve just purchased.

You might still get off in a fantastic fashion even if you approach her in that manner, but it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to have your best experience. Letting go of the formalities allows your escort to be herself and free with you. You can have some silly talks, do all the crazy things, and maximum the time you share.

There was this escort, Scarlett, I got in touch with from an agency in Paddington, and she was gorgeous and a wonderful woman. Our friendship grew in four short months to a point where I could call her anytime and invite her out. She was my favorite girl, whom I would see most often, and in turn, I was her favorite client.

Nearly all of the time we met, we would treat it like a date, meaning we would dress up for it, take whatever she likes to eat and drink. We would then chat a little before taking things to the next level. Even after I have had known her for a while and seen her several times, it still felt right to make an energetic connection.

I didn’t make a lot of demands but allowed her to do what she was comfortable with. She’s a human being, not just a body, and I acknowledged that. I chose to look at the bigger picture, beyond the perfect body, and far beyond what she could do for me. She was not there to serve me; but rather to have a shared experience!

Several months down the line, things got to a point where she could visit me and right thereā€¦ without saying any word, jump in my arms. That move would give me an instant boner. She would get on the table or bed, depending on where we were, and begin to touch herself, just the way I liked it. I would go down on her; I love to eat pussy. Her pussy had an amazingly good taste, and I loved it. She could really get into it and have multiple twisting spastic orgasms that were out of control. It was simply phenomenal. She would then sluttishly say, “come up here,” put a condom on me, so we begin making love. What can I say! That was the best sex I had in a long time.

Although she’s still in my memory to date, I have never had a bad experience with an escort, and this is so, thanks to what mama taught me. Treat women right, and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find!